Course Requirements
People interested to take this course are required to do a short 20 minute phone or Skype interview with Suzy Meszoly, our teacher, to ensure that the year-long commitment is a good fit and that people are ready for the rigorous spiritual work and energetic transmissions. No background in the healing arts is necessary.

Course Tuition 

The year long training including 4 weekend intensives and 12 monthly hour webinars is $5,435. The course fee can be paid in full one month prior to course commencement. Students may also pay for the course via installments. All students electing to pay monthly are required to make a non-refundable deposit of $1,385 upon registration. This covers $35 registration and two months course fees to be used for the final two months of the year long course. Also all students electing to pay monthly are required to make a tuition payment by the 1st of each month of $405.

All students are required to sign a student contract committing to the the 12 month certificate course. 

Financial Assistance: Each year Suzy offers two partial scholarships for students facing financial challenges. Please send your letter of request, your background and your financial intentions if you are interested in such a program.



Become an energetic healer and counselor or simply deepen your spiritual practice!

 Suzy Meszoly. Photo: copyright James Porto, 2017

Getting to the root of a physical illness or problem is a skill we can learn through listening to the body, listening to the energy of spoken words and using our wisdom and logic to get to original of the illness pattern. We explore the patterns of physical, emotional and mental behavior and find ways to integrate the lessons while at the same time transforming the pain into wellness

We will address how to use reflective listening, supportive counseling and how to empower people to come into their full potential. By integrating our shadow side, pain and suffering and transforming them into wisdom and the jewels of experience, we become more able to help others, as well as ourselves.

"If you've ever worked with Suzy Meszoly you know how genuine, caring, and powerful she is. She is a incredible spiritual teacher with inspiring experience. I've been studying with her and can honestly say I've never been so strong and enlightened in my life. I can't express enough how much I have grown personally and professionally, and found a whole new meaning to feeling whole, empowered, happy and healthy. The fun part is, completing this course means it's only the beginning to many more years of growth, spiritual healing, and integrating the incredible power of energy healing into my service to the world as a dance/movement psychotherapist and holistic health practitioner. I highly recommend this course!"  Sabrina Washington, N.Y.



​"I have learned how to give hands-on energetic healing, as well as the concept of universal spirituality and quantum physics that allows me to explain why energetic healing works (in normal English, which is so important). Suzy's methodology is inclusive, and always anchored in love. More than any of that, what I have learned in the past 12 months is the unlimited possibility and capability I hold as a person, and as a healing guide. Suzy's teaching is based on the concept that our sovereign filed is impenetrable and omnipresent, and it is from that spring of universal love, the healing happens - and we ALL hold that potential to heal and to be healed. As a concept, I knew this - but spending time and learning from Suzy for a whole year made this concept tangible and finally embodied." Aki Baker, Class of 2016

"Suzy is a gifted teacher, healer and metaphysicist who generously shared her knowledge in our year long course.  It took me to new heights in my healing abilities, intuitive skills and also taught me to manifest pretty much whatever I need in this lifetime.  The course is very deep and full of hands-on healing techniques that aren't taught anywhere else."      

Midge Heisser, Class of 2012

"The year I spent with Suzy and the School of Energetic Healing was eye-opening and transformational!  As a novice, I found the work challenging, yet easy to grasp, and I was truly inspired by the wisdom, abilities and joy of Suzy and my fellow classmates.  It was a wonderful community, and I will treasure it always." Wendy, Class of 2012​

"My year in this class was amazing. It really helped me to hone my skills not only as a healer but as a spiritual being. I found myself and new friends who were on the same but different journey. This class was well worth it and Suzy was just magnificent. She is very intuitive and approachable. You can't learn what she teaches anywhere else. Do yourself a favor and join this class." Jashaunna Williams, Class of 2012

"It was a year-long experience of expansion -- eye opening, mind blowing, consciousness raising and grounding. The group became more cohesive as the months went by, sharing experiences and learning from each other. I looked forward to every session and relished them afterwards." 

Diane Fernsler, Class of 2012

Using many different crystals that Suzy has collected from all over the world, we will learn how to use these ancient gems in various placements and grids during a healing session, how to communicate and program crystals and how to implement their specific healing qualities in our everyday lives. 


Working with ancient shamanic traditions, connecting to the star people, bridging with our ancestors and linking with our future selves, we combine our multi-dimensional knowledge and create a pathway to our unique databank of experience that we use to access healing wisdom and techniques.



We will receive the three levels of Reiki initiation in the Usui tradition. We will receive the attunement and symbols for Reiki I, II and III and learn how to us this healing system. Suzy is one of the closest traditional master-teachers in the USA to the original lineage from Japan, receiving her attunements in Europe during the 1980s from the renowned Hungarian healer, Karoly Fodor.

We will investigate the very nature of sound vibrations and how sound healing has such a profound effect on bringing the biological system as well as emotional body back into harmonious resonance. Suzy will be instructing us on the use of Himalayan singing bowls, Peruvian whistles, shamanic drums and modern tuning forks. 

Again and again, we will come back to Earthing and connecting to the Mother energy field, grounding and centering using special meditations and techniques to enhance our healing energy flow, our vital health and spiritual inspirations so that we may function as profound, unlimited healers and members of our communities. 


Registration & Interview Request 
​Please email us using the form

Please indicate which course you are interested in, location, online or in person and the commencement date.



Healer Training

The Art of Energetic Healing School LA

We will explore in depth the seven chakras looking at the energetic system as a whole and then learning the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements of each. We will learn which chakra to address for various imbalances and illnesses and how to bring about healing in these centers using primarily hands-on-healing techniques, nutrition, crystals, words, actions, yoga, plant medicine, oils and other methods.

We will discuss various key energetic concepts throughout the year including: The Unified Field of Consciousness, Holographic Universe, Law of  Attraction, Cause and Effect, Linear Karma, Soul Role Play, The Miracle Zone, Zero Point energy field, the Nine Dimensions of Earth and teachings of the Master Teachers. 


Learning how to eat well according to our individual needs is crucial to our physical and emotional health. We will ascertain our personal needs and learn how to work with our families and clients to provide the best environment for vital health using the chakra system.

New Course Starts JUNE 2018 in California!

The BE Hive   6427 W. Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

The BE Hive is a new wellness sanctuary in the heart of Hollywood on the vanguard of integrating ancient wisdom, herbal healing modalities, and eco-friendly practices with conscious community building. Tamara Edwards, Founder and Chris Kantrowitz, Partner.

2018:  4 Weekend Intensives & Monthly Webinars

2018: June 8, 9,10;  September 7, 8, 9:  December 7, 8, 9

2019: March 9, 10, 11

Friday  6pm-9pm    &    Saturday  9am-6pm   &   Sunday  9am-4pm


"I grew so much through this course. Highly recommend it! "

Deborah Courtney, N.Y.

" I've learned so much over the past year that has helped me both personally and with my practice. Looking forward to more integration and taking the Advanced Course . Love and gratitude! ​"Holly S. Strelzik, NJ

During the year-long course, apprentices will receive healing energy activations, explore the seven centered Chakra system in great depth, investigate sound healing, crystal healing, counseling and intuitive methods, and discuss various key spiritual concepts. By the end of the course, one will have many tools and skills, concepts and understandings, to share with others and to enhance their own life. This course is about coming into our full potential as powerful healers, compassionate humans and deeply expanded spiritual beings. The training is designed for healers and for non-healers, for advanced practitioners and beginners alike. Suzy offers a great deal of practical information from her 20 years of experience healing and teaching, as well as deep, expansive spiritual guidance.
In this 12 month long training, Australian spiritual teacher and master healer, Suzy Meszoly, will instruct on the art of energetic healing and provide energetic transmissions for all students. Over a period of many years of traditional studies, clinical experience and spiritual development, Suzy has arrived at a unique method of energetic healing that encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. After receiving profound transmissions herself from the Master Teachers and from Mother Earth, Suzy has created a healing system that empowers individuals to tap into their own divine abilities.

Upon completion of the 12 classes, students receive a Certificate from The Art of Energetic Healing School, with Attunments in Reiki I, II & III, from the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

We are located in Hollywood, LA, California at The BE Hive and in New York City, NY at the Balance Arts Center and also a course is offered Upstate, NY in Stone Ridge at Prakruti Healing.  Non-local and international students can also join our INTERNATIONAL WEBINAR. In LA our classes are held over four weekend intensives during the year, plus monthly webinars.  AEH ADVANCED Level Courses are available to graduates of our AEH School. There is a one and a two year advanced course offered.     Come to us for HEALER TRAINING/ ENERGY HEALING SCHOOLS in NY & LA/ REIKI ENERGY HEALING!

Through initiations with the Master Teachers, our psychic centers will be enhanced, allowing us to bring more useful, compassionate information into our lives. We will acquire knowledge on how to deliver intuited guidance to others with grace and non-judgment

Established in 2000 by Reverend Suzy Meszoly, DSH, CHHC, RMT

​​Join us for a year of deepening into your power and expanding spiritually!


Over the course of the school year we will receive the healing energy activations from the Master Teachers. We will come to understand the healing energy flow moving through us and learn how to use this to heal ourselves and others. Exploring the downward manifesting current, the upward liberating current, as well as the toroidal forms, we will explore generating vortex energy to align and find perfect balance.

"Can't recommend enough! Highly informative, awakening and experiential!" Jack B Church, N.J.

"Most worthwhile course in healing! Suzy is phenomenal!" Midge Heiser, P.A.

"Suzy Meszoly is not only one of the world's top healers, she is a passionate and outstanding teacher. I would not be half of what I am today without her!" Heather Estara, Hawaii